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Design Templates for Sharetribe Marketplaces

Sharetribe helps you to build and launch your marketplace without touching a single line of code. However, the out-of-to-box solution is not right for everyone. Supercharge your marketplace with additional features and bespoke designs.
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Additional Features

I've created six design templates to use when building custom Sharetribe features.

Each template integrates the best user experience design practices I learned from helping 15+ marketplace founders build and grow on Sharetribe. These templates can help guide developers and ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget.

Simply buy the Figma design file and customise it to suit your own marketplace. Then hand the design over to your developer for them to build.

All templates cost £20


Buyers and sellers can negotiate over the terms of their transaction. This includes offers and counter offers.

BUY template

Reverse Marketplace

Buyers can create listings to advertise what they're looking for, and sellers can provide quotes.

BUY template

Marketplace Subscriptions

Sellers can subscribe to your marketplace. This includes subscribe, upgrade, downgrade and cancellations.

BUY template

Listing Subscriptions

Sellers can create listings for recurring subscriptions rather than one time rentals or purchases.

BUY template


Sellers can auction goods and services. This includes reserve price, watch item, make an offer and number of bids.

BUY template

Video Calls

Buyers and sellers can schedule video calls with each other.

BUY template

Bespoke design

I also offer freelance design services, so if you would prefer a bespoke design or if you’re not sure whether you need it, book a call with me.

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